Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick Tip: Use Dark and Light Themes Conditionally in Code Editors

You are a coder? Being a front-end coder for the web is a lot different than being a programmer writing algorithms and stuffs which has nothing much to do with visuals.

As a front-end designer/developer you are required to see the changes you make in your code in the browser every now and then.

If you are active on social media then you might have come across such images:

If you ask me I am the Dark Theme lover. But the preference is not always helpful, when you work on a product that's visually bright and you have to look at the product and the code editor back and forth your eyes would start hurting, the sudden change in brightness and contrast is the reason. Vice versa for light themes.

Different Themes for Different Brightness/Contrast

I know how difficult it is to opt-out of your favorite default code editor preference, it would be difficult at first but as you start getting used to it you will find it hugely helpful. The eyes hurts less and you can do your work way smoothly.

Whenever you are working on a product which is visually more white then chose a theme for your code editor which is similar, it creates a sense of consistency that also helps you concentrate better on your work. And when you are working on something which is dark and black simply go for a dark theme.

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