Monday, December 7, 2015

Quick Tip: Change "Console" Tab's Position in Chrome Dev Tools

With updates come confusion and changes that are often difficult to adapt to. Recently Google released the Chrome 47, surprisingly there are more visual changes in Developer tools then there are in the general browser interface.

chrome devtools console tab

As a developer who relies on tools like the Chrome Dev. tools for many tasks I am a kind of attached to the layout and the UI of the tools, any changes in position or layout can make my head blast!

This is what happened recently with the Chrome 47 update, changes to the developer tools came, I haven't seen much yet, but it seems many visual elements have been improved and relocated, one of which was the Console and other tabs such as Elements, Resources, Sources which all are used often by me for debugging and such.

How To Re-Position?

Thanks to the developers they left an easy option for you to change the position of the tabs - Drag it and drop where you want it!

That's it.

What's next?

This was just a quick tip but I also write on web development topics (interesting ones!) on this blog and as this is still a new blog I need some readers, consider joining the mailing list for updates

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